There are heaps of different recipes and blogs for making your own baby wipes online. I originally saw a video for making your own on Facebook. Link here or YouTube Link here

So basically I just wanted to give my own tips from this particular video.

  • I don’t recommend slicing the paper towel roll in half. The paper particles go everywhere and the wipe size is half. Try and find a container that it will fit into. I got mine from the Reject Shop for $3.
  • I used Miessence body wash which you can purchase here or for an alternative I would use a Dr Bronners liquid castile soap. (I’m going to try and experiment with grating 100% natural soap bare when I do my next lot)
  • Do not leave the closed container in the sun. My girls were using them to clean their hands after doing some painting in the sun. Although I took them out of the sun when I noticed them, they only lasted 1 month before they grew mold. Lesson learnt.
  • Leave them in a dark cool place. So far the wipes we have had in our store cupboard have lasted 7 months. We take these on outings. I have driven to Melbourne and back on the same day when it was hot (26°C) and still they are fine. (It’s 7hr round trip for us to travel to Melbourne) It takes a little extra effort to take them in and out of the car every time but generally it’s a take lunch thing so they get stored with our lunch things and then we don’t forget.
  • If you are going to make a few rolls up at a time my suggestion is to put it in the fridge. You can’t keep them in there all the time because the coconut oil hardens making them not very nice to use.
  • You could add some drops of essential oils to the mix if you’d like as well.

And there you have it. Natural homemade wipes that are free from any nasties.


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