Toilet Cleaner

I know its a bit weird going from food to cleaning products but thats how my brain works. It’s a mess most of the time with ideas and thoughts running everywhere. Anyway I digress.

I’m not making my own toilet cleaner here because I think most people know you can clean a toilet with Bi-carb and vinegar if you want to. In fact thats what I was doing for years. That is until I thought it high time that my children started to help me. There is nothing worse as a child than having to clean the toilet. And if your hands have to get down and dirty with it as well it can be very off putting. So long story short, I thought I would make this as less traumatic as possible for my children.

The idea is simple really. I bought the most environmentally as possible toilet cleaner on the market. Well at the supermarket anyway. I went with Earth Choice. I also like that I can take the lid off and re-fill it, and it’s in clear plastic.

I get an empty toilet cleaner bottle. (or you could just tip out the contents into another glass or plastic receptacle, make sure you label it though) Fill it about 10%. This is about an inch high for this bottle.

Then I add  ¼ teaspoon of  Xanthan Gum. This is optional. It just means you don’t need to shake every time you use it.* And for little helpers (and not so little helpers) forgetting is something they seem prone to. I then add some water. Just regular tap water is fine. About half way. This gives you room to shake.

You need to shake it a lot to make the Xanthan Gum dissolve and distribute through the mixture. I leave the bottle on top of the washing machine. Every time I put a load on or get it out I give it a good shake. Once the Xanthan Gum has dissolved you fill it to the top with more water. Give another good shake and you are done.

Now the kids can help without getting all icky. And it does’t matter if they use too much because it’s thinned out. My kids get in an clean the toilet every day. They have their own bathroom they are responsible for. And this has helped keep costs down. If you have a problem with scents this helps as well because it’s not as potent. And you still get a frothy bowl when you first use it.

*The water will sit on the top of the toilet cleaner if you don’t add Xanthan Gum, so if you don’t shake all the time while using it, you will squirt your toilet with good olé water.


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